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Partner companies
  • Hospitality, Bespoke Executive Search sister firm's global reach.
  • Cayuga Hospitality Consultants, USA - their global HR partner.
  • Fi-Nix HR Consulting, Grenada, Regional HR. Learning & Development.
  • Theresa Maw Consulting, UK - International Operations support. 
  • Utilizing industry colleagues in Europe, Latin America, the Middle
       East & Africa, and Asia Pacific regions of the world.



"Gary Dodds is someone whom I watched over many years deliver a top-class bottom-line-minded HR service to global hotel firms. He's first class in brand differentiation from Luxury to Limited service hotels. His skills at assessing people and situations enable a business to get it right the first time. Gary's proven expertise in delivering strategic HR solutions against business strategy will benefit any company from his experience in every continent globally".


Robert Gaymer-Jones

President and CEO, Panorama Hospitality

Former Global Chief Executive Officer at Sofitel Luxury Hotels 


"Gary Dodds is a multi-cultural individual who's lived and worked in and is sensitive to management practices in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. Unusual in top leadership, he brilliantly balances strong strategic thinking ability with attention to detail. Adept at turning business direction into effective HR deliverables, he's a born diplomat who gets results."
Jurgen Giesbert

Former EVP of Marriott International 
UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa

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